Anywhere Workspace Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This document provides answers to some of the most common Anywhere Workspace frequently asked questions (FAQs).


This Anywhere Workspace FAQs document is intended for existing or prospective Workspace ONE and Horizon IT administrators.

What is Anywhere Workspace?

Anywhere Workspace is an integrated platform that puts employees first to deliver secure, frictionless experiences. Leveraging industry-leading end user computing technologies, the Anywhere Workspace increases employee engagement, delivers broader, more effective security, and reduces costs and operational overhead. For more information, see the Anywhere Workspace product page.

Which products and technologies are included with Anywhere Workspace?
  • Unified Endpoint Management – Workspace ONE UEM
  • Desktop and Application Virtualization – Workspace ONE and Horizon
  • Workspace Security – Workspace ONE Tunnel/Unified Access Gateway
  • Mobile Security – Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense

For more information, see

How does the Anywhere Workspace solution improve application performance?

Anywhere Workspace delivers comprehensive security that encompasses user access and app security. By overlaying granular access controls that are simple to configure and easy to scale, responsive security and management policies can rapidly mitigate threats. The intelligent platform employs AI and machine learning to deliver contextual access, regularly evaluate security posture, and quickly resolve threats.

How does Anywhere Workspace help provide security for remote employees?

By leveraging threat intelligence about device posture and user identity from Workspace ONE and Mobile Threat Defense, Anywhere Workspace solutions have the distinct ability to measure both experience and risk across connected control points, and then surface it for automated remediation.

How is Anywhere Workspace integrated?

It is an integrated platform that leverages market-leading Unified Endpoint Management, Virtual Apps & Desktops, Workspace Security and Digital Employee Experience technologies. It combines Workspace ONE and Horizon with secure access, mobile threat defense and enhanced user experience solutions.

How is Anywhere Workspace supporting the future of work?

Anywhere Workspace supports the future of hybrid work by enabling end user computing environments to become autonomous workspaces that self-configure, self-heal, and self-secure. It is continuously context-aware, utilizes machine learning, leverages data science, and proactively automates.


This document covers questions and answers to the most common Anywhere Workspace FAQs.



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