Becoming a Horizon 7 Hero
Become a desktop virtualization hero with our curated activity path.

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Becoming an App Volumes Hero
Follow our App Volumes activity path to go from zero to IT hero in no time!

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Becoming an Identity Manager Hero
Identity Manager is a powerful tool. Let us help you master it.

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Becoming a Unified Access Gateway Hero
Navigate the sophisticated world of VMware's Unified Access Gateway and learn how it works with VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon 7.

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Becoming a User Environment Manager Hero
Delight your users by offering a better desktop experience.

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Understanding Windows 10 Management
Managing Windows 10 can be complicated. Let us demystify it and make you a hero.

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Understanding Microsoft Office 365 Integration
Office 365 is here to stay. Using articles, videos, and labs, this activity path will help you integrate it in to your Workspace ONE environment.

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Understanding Access Management & Identity
Become a master on access management and identity with VMware Workspace ONE. Using articles, videos, and labs, this activity path provides curated assets to help you level-up in your knowledge.

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Understanding Mobile Application Management
There's a lot of devices out there. Learn how to harness them for the good of your company.

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Understanding macOS Management
There's a lot to managing macOS. Let us help you understand it.

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Understanding iOS and tvOS Management
Follow our curated activity path to master Apple's iOS and tvOS systems.

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