Mobile Threat Defense: New!

June 09, 2022

I’m excited to announce two new videos about a new member of the Workspace ONE family: Mobile Threat Defense! Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense is a new integration with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. As the name suggests, it provides advanced protection against threats to mobile devices on Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.

It used to be more complicated – you had to install and activate a separate security app on each mobile device. For IT admins, it made compliance challenging. But Mobile Threat Defense is integrated directly into the Intelligent Hub. Nothing to install and activate separately. As an IT administrator, you just enable the Mobile Threat Defense in the Hub, and you get advanced protection.

Meet Our Newest Solution

You can get to know Mobile Threat Defense in the first video: Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense: Technical Overview. In this video, you’ll find out why the number and diversity of threats is skyrocketing, with threats coming from malware, phishing, malicious content, machine-in-the-middle attacks, rogue networks, and more. You’ll find out how people also inadvertently add to their vulnerabilities with risky behavior, such as using out-of-date or leaky apps, not updating their operating systems, using automatic wifi join system, and so on.

And you’ll find out how easy it is to deploy and manage Mobile Threat Defense. You find out how Mobile Threat Defense leverages AI to detect signs of threats to your apps, devices, or networks, identifies the risk level for each threat, and provides specific solutions to mitigate or eliminate the threat.

Peek Behind the Curtain

You can take a look behind the curtain in the second video: Mobile Threat Defense Architecture. You’ll find out the minimum required components for each device, including SaaS-hosted Workspace ONE UEM and Intelligent Hub. You’ll also find additional components that are optional but add significant value, such as Lookout for Work to enable phishing protection and Chrome support, and Workspace ONE Intelligence to extend automated response across other systems. You’ll see how these components work together to provide the advanced protection you need.

Dive Deeper

If you want to find out more about Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense, check these out:


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