App Volumes Multi-Instance Management

June 10, 2022

What is Multi-Instance Management for App Volumes?

With App Volumes you can now join multiple App Volumes instances together to control them from a single source instance.

Multi-instance management used in combination with storage groups to replicate the packages, allows you to set a source and target relationship between App Volumes instances so that packages are distributed across different App Volumes instances and locations. The metadata, markers, and assignments can also be synchronized across the instances.

App Volumes Multi-Instance Management

A multi-instance deployment of App Volumes provides the capability to:

  • Use one App Volumes instance as the source for replicated packages
  • Synchronize application and package metadata across all connected target App Volumes instances
  • Synchronize application and package deletes
  • Synchronize application markers across instances (optional)
  • Synchronize assignments across instances (optional)

The App Volumes Reference Architecture was recently updated to give design guidance and implementation detail on using multi-instance management, as well as designing multi-site deployments. Take a look at the App Volumes Reference Architecture to learn more.

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