Announcing a New Guide for Using the VMware Horizon Server REST API

December 23, 2020

Check out the new Using the VMware Horizon Server REST API guide for tips and practical examples for implementing automation and reporting in the Horizon environment by using the VMware Horizon Server REST API.

This latest release of the Horizon Server REST API introduces additional endpoints that you can use for day-two operations and automation. You can now use the Horizon Server REST API for managing configuration items such as environment properties; managing user entitlements; creating, updating, and deleting inventory objects such as desktop pools; monitoring the Horizon environment; and more.

Using the VMware Horizon Server REST API walks you through the new Horizon Server REST API and provides you with useful links to external resources, where you can learn more details about the API.

Figure 1: An Excerpt from the Using the VMware Horizon Server REST API Guide

The guide also contains code examples for implementing operations with the Horizon Server REST API that you can directly use by replacing the variables with appropriate values from your environment.

Figure 2: Code Example for Retrieving a List of Global Settings

For further information and examples, see the Using the VMware Horizon Server REST API guide.

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