Announcing the Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen Reference Architecture

September 05, 2022

The reference architecture just got a brand-new chapter all about Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen design and architecture. Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen is a modern cloud-first, multi-cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) deployment with Thin Edge Infrastructure. This new platform architecture takes a more modern approach, while incorporating lessons learned over the past few years. It allows the abstraction of more functional components from the Horizon pod and transforms them into shared services running in a cloud platform. 

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Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen vastly simplifies the deployment of desktop and application infrastructure, but as with any deployment, good planning and a robust understanding of the platform are important. The reference architecture gives an architectural overview, and introduces the key components and concepts that you will need to understand. Use the Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen Architecture to learn about the components that make up the service and a Horizon Edge deployment, as well as how to deploy and scale Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen environments.

Horizon Services from the Cloud

The Horizon Control Plane is a distributed cloud-based control plane that contains the containerized services that deliver Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen. It is used for all administrative functions and policy management, and to provide user services.

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Through the Horizon Universal Console, which runs as part of the Horizon Control Plane, Horizon Edge instances can be pushed out by Horizon Cloud Services as defined by an administrator. These thin Edges allow for the consumption of resource capacity to provide end users with desktops and applications.

Horizon Edge

A Horizon Edge is an instance of Horizon which is deployed into your resource capacity in a specified primary provider in a selected site. It is based in a single physical location or region and can be divided into multiple blocks to provide scalability.

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To allow for scalability, you can scale out a Horizon Edge to increase resource capacity. You can also deploy multiple Horizon Edges to different resource capacity providers, both in the same site and in different sites.

Next Steps

Horizon Cloud Service – next-gen is now generally available. Get started with your deployment and discover how easy it is to deploy and get desktops and applications running for your users. Use the reference architecture Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen Architecture to understand key concepts and understand how to get started.

For more information on Horizon Cloud – next-gen, check out this VMware blog and product documentation:


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