June 17, 2022

Announcing the Evaluation Guide: Setting Up Cloud-Based VMware Workspace ONE

Announcement of the new Workspace ONE Evaluation Guide and YouTube playlist.

I love to cook. In the olden days, I would leaf through my cookbooks to find printed recipes. Nowadays, I do Google searches, and the results are always blog posts, which contain written instructions but also a video demonstrating the whole procedure. I really like that format.

So much so, in fact, that I wanted to use that same format for the Evaluation Guide: Setting Up Cloud-Based VMware Workspace ONE. This document is a revamp of the first half the 2018 Quick-Start Tutorial for Cloud-Based Workspace ONE. My co-authors, Darren Weatherly and Darryl Miles, updated the substance and added new sections, and I re-organized and rewrote everything—twice, once for the written instructions and once for the video narration.

Being homebound, as we all have been for years, I don’t often get a look at myself because I don’t have to fix my face and hair to go anywhere. So, I was out of practice looking in a mirror, let alone looking at myself in videos.

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But such is the sacrifice we make for a cause we believe in. This guide covers the tasks you need to do to get set up: logging in to the various cloud admin UIs, configuring the various cloud connectors, registering with Google and Apple to manage mobile devices, integrating with AD, and so on. This guide constitutes part 1. Part 2, which I will start on next, covers tasks to do with deploying and managing apps, enrolling devices, and all that day-2 sort of thing.

This new Evaluation Guide: Setting Up Cloud-Based VMware Workspace ONE is much shorter than the old quick start (32 PDF pages vs. 100). But if you would prefer even less print to read, you can view just the 13 videos, in order, by using the YouTube playlist called Workspace ONE Evaluation Guide (Part 1: Setup).



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