I talked to 160 customers in the past year about their EUC plans. Here's what I learned.
April 02, 2019
In the year I've been at VMware, I've talked to 160 customers in 18 countries about their EUC plans and vision. I was surprised to learn that most companies are
4 reasons the Chromebook could be the ultimate enterprise client device
March 12, 2019
A Chromebook has a stateless OS in a laptop form factor that can run any Android app and has a real desktop browser. This very likely could become THE enterprise
I work for VMware, but I love Citrix! (And Microsoft. And AWS. And Okta. And lots of others!)
February 14, 2019
When I joined VMware almost a year ago, one of the reactions I got from multiple people was, “You joined VMware? But I thought you loved Citrix?” The truth is
Brian Madden explains VMware Workspace ONE & EUC Vision: 1-hour white board video
February 08, 2019
In this hour-long video, Brian Madden explains his interpretation of VMware Workspace ONE and VMware's long-term vision for EUC. If you're meeting with anyone from VMware soon, you should watch
In 2019, DaaS has evolved to "cloud desktops". Here's what's changed.
December 13, 2018
In 2014, Gabe Knuth and I wrote a book called "Desktops as a Service". Five years later, people often ask, “How relevant is that DaaS book still today?” They also
Opinion VDI
Is 2019 "The Year of VDI?" No!
December 06, 2018
As 2018 draws to a close, the conversation whether 2019 will be “The Year of VDI” has bubbled up. Many think it will be. But I don’t; and in this
Opinion VDI
Is VDI dead?
December 05, 2018
Even though VDI has been around for over ten years, it hasn't replaced the traditional, physical Windows desktop in any meaningful way. But now it seems like everyone is talking
Opinion VDI

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Karim Chelouati

Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, End User Computing, VMware.
Karim Chelouati is a senior technical marketing manager on the Technical Marketing team at VMware End-User Computing.

Josue Negron

Senior Technical Marketing Architect, End User Computing, VMware.
Josué Negrón serves as a senior solutions architect at VMware EUC for Windows 10. Currently, in his sixth year with VMware, Josué works with clients to define the best way to integrate the latest EUC technologies into their businesses to solve challenges associated with mobile device deployment, management, and security. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Robert Terakedis

Senior Technical Marketing Manager, End User Computing, VMware.
Robert is currently in his fifth year at VMware where he’s a Senior Technical Marketing Manager for all things Apple and Workspace ONE. He has over 16 years experience in the IT Industry, with roles spanning Enterprise Mobility solutions, Microsoft technologies, storage and network infrastructure. He is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and contributes regularly to VMware’s TechZone and EUC Blog and the MacAdmins.

Josh Spencer

Senior Technical Marketing Architect, End User Computing, VMware.
Josh is a Technical Marketing Architect with nearly two decades of Desktop Engineering experience. For VMware EUC, he creates technical enablement content for internal, partner, and customer consumption.

Shardul Navare

Senior Technical Marketing Architect, End User Computing, VMware.
Shardul joined VMware AirWatch right after school and has been working there for last 6 years. After multiple roles in pre-sales engineering, he moved to Tech Marketing as a Senior Architect with focus on EUC, Tech Partner Integrations and Mobile Application Management and Workspace ONE Intelligence.

Andreano Lanusse

Staff Architect, End User Computing, VMware.
Andreano has extensive experience across VMWare EUC portfolio, having led some of VMware’s largest scale Digital Workspace deployments in the financial sector. His current focus as Staff Architect on our EUC Technical Marketing Team is on Workspace ONE Intelligence, Unified Access Gateway (UAG) and security across VMware EUC stack.