Upgrading App Volumes Templates

Upgrading App Volumes Templates

Preserving Existing Templates

An App Volumes Manager upgrade will not automatically upgrade the existing templates.

There are multiple reasons why you might need to keep the current or existing templates in place for days or even weeks, especially in a production environment. For example, if you have customized templates, you might need to keep the existing version until you've had the time to customize, test, and upgrade to the new templates.

Upgrading App Volumes Templates

After you upgrade the App Volumes Manager servers, you must upload the prepackaged App Volumes templates again.

1. Select Upload Prepackaged Volumes

  1. In the App Volumes Manager console, navigate to the Configuration tab.
  2. Select Upload Prepackaged Volumes.

2. Enter Information for Accessing the Templates

  1. Choose the storage location where you keep your App Volumes templates.
  2. Enter your ESX username and password.
  3. Choose which templates you want to upgrade, and click Upload.