Welcome to Tech Zone

Introducing Tech Zone

Welcome to VMware Tech Zone! This site puts all the practical End User Computing (EUC) resources you need at your fingertips. This page walks you through the site, and the types of assets we offer, as well as our future ambitions.

Tech Zone complements your traditional VMware resources, and provides you with practical guidance for your daily tasks, whether they be evaluating, deploying, or operating EUC software.

Tech Zone currently has about 400 assets in its catalog. Assets are what we call the mix of videos, reference architectures, quick-start guides, and blog posts. Our ambition is to keep the inventory at about this number. We feel this gives us the best shot at keeping everything up to date with our fast-moving product portfolio, and helps us meet our goal of delivering timely guidance, tools, architectures, and labs so that you can make educated choices about EUC products.

Tech Zone assets fall into half a dozen broad buckets to help you answer your basic questions. Some content is extremely technical and intended for gurus. Other content is more general and intended for all to enjoy. Wherever you are on your EUC desktop journey, we hope you’ll easily find the assets that are best for you.

Understanding our assets

Based on the above diagram, let’s explore the types of assets that make up Tech Zone.

We have three asset types that answer the question, “What is it?”

Welcome Docs: Introduction that define key components and technologies

Technical Overviews: High level videos explaining how the technology works

Expert Talks: Experts explaining the detail and benefits of the technology

After you know what it is, you can see it in action:

Activity Paths: Guided paths through a topic from beginner to expert

Hands on Labs: Guided tutorials where you tinker with the product for the first time

Next, you can use step-by-step guides to start building your own environment and dive deeply into key features:

Quick Start Guides: How to build and evaluate your own proof of concept

Feature Walkthroughs: Explore specific features or capabilities

For the advanced among you, we have assets to help you translate your product theory into real-world results:

Reference Architectures: Detailed real-world deployment guides

Operational Guidance: How to solve common business problems

As you roll out your software, we offer a series of guides and best practices to help you:

Best Practices: Deployment hints and tips

Deployment Guides: Walk through or deep dive into deployment tasks

Finally, since EUC software is constantly improving, Tech Zone offers assets to help you keep up with the changing environment:

What’s New: Quick tours of new functionality and features

Blogs: Technical news, opinion pieces, and summaries

The Menu Structure

Digital Workspace Activity Paths – Click the down arrow of the Start tab to begin your journey into specific products or topics: VMware Workspace ONE, VMware Horizon 7, VMware Unified Access Gateway, and more. Activity Paths provide a variety of resources at different levels of understanding – basic, intermediate, and advanced – so you can start at the level that is best for you.

VMware Workspace ONE – Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Workspace ONE, the digital workspace platform that delivers and manages any app on any device. The resources are organized by level, so you can start with introductory videos to learn the basics, and delve deep into how Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management.

VMware Horizon – The Horizon product is fully documented and described in a plethora of easily accessible resources. In the graded resources, you can find out all about how VMware Horizon 7 and VMware Horizon Cloud run VM desktops and applications and remotely deliver them to end users as a manage service.

Tools – Visit the Tools page to help facilitate your efforts, where you can find every tool from deployment tools, installers, migration and registration tools, backup utilities, and much more.

Blog – On the Blog page, you can keep your fingers on the pulse by getting the latest announcements, opinion pieces, and find out what’s new in the latest releases of Horizon 7 and Workspace ONE. We also host the opinionated brain rumblings of Mr. Brian Madden. These are rarely technical, but they are always fun.

Search – The VMware Tech Zone search engine zeros in on what you want to know with the help of filters where you can identify specific components, levels of understanding, and type of resource.

  • Magnifying Glass Search  – In the upper right, you can click the magnifying glass icon to search the entire asset library. You can filter by date range, asset type, product, or trending keywords, and indicate how you want the hit list sorted.
  • Feature search  – On both the Workspace ONE page and the Horizon page, you’ll find a filter icon. This icon gives you easy access to often searched-for content, such as Okta integration or operating system preference.

Most sought-after content

Reference Architectures – The reference architectures for each product provide an in-depth and detailed look at the inner workings of each solution. You can find out about relevant use cases, examine component design and interaction, product integration, specifications, and much more. Use the PDF button in the upper right if you want to read the RA offline.

Logging in

Our promise to you is that we will never hide our content behind a sign-in form. However, if you do sign in, it is our ambition to deliver a whole new experience to you. We have ambitions to personalize and tailor Tech Zone to meet your evolving needs. Today, signing in enables commenting on the blogs and grants access to our RSS feeds. Tomorrow, you’ll get more. You can sign in to Tech Zone using your VMware Cloud Service Portal ID (also known as myVMware ID, or Partner ID).