Summary and Next Steps

Summary and Next Steps


This Quick-Start Tutorial introduced you to the JMP integrated workflow, available from the Horizon Console, and enabled you to set up a proof-of-concept environment through practical exercises.

After you have deployed your proof-of-concept implementation, you can explore the product further or plan your production environment by examining Additional Resources.

Terminology Used in This Tutorial

The following terms are used in this tutorial.

Instant clone A copy of an existing VM that shares virtual disks with the parent VM, but that, at creation time, shares the memory of the running parent VM from which it is created.
Instant-clone desktop A virtual desktop run from a snapshot of a parent VM. An instant-clone desktop is always deleted and re-created when the user logs off.
Virtual desktop The user interface of a virtual machine that has been made available to an end user.
Virtual machine A software computer running an operating system or application environment that is backed by the physical resources of a host.

For more information about terms, see the VMware Glossary.

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Additional Resources

About the Author and Contributors

Caroline Arakelian is a Senior Technical Marketing Manager, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware.

The following people contributed to the review of this quick-start guide:

  • Josh Spencer is an End-User-Computing Architect in the Technical Marketing group at VMware.
  • Jim Yanik is a Senior Manager of End-User-Computing (EUC) Technical Marketing at VMware.

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