VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure 1.6

VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure 1.6


This Quick-Start Tutorial introduces an offering to the VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™: VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure. This offering combines the management functionality of the Horizon Cloud Service control plane with the cost-saving capacities of Microsoft Azure. You can take advantage of the Horizon Cloud Service to manage your desktops and remote applications. This includes managing VDI and RDS-hosted applications on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, as well as the flexibility to choose the deployment option that best meets the needs of your organization or use cases. This Quick-Start Tutorial describes the process of deploying Horizon Cloud Service components into your Microsoft Azure capacity. This process creates an entity called the Horizon Cloud Service node, which pairs with the control plane. You then use the control plane to create RDSH and session farms, and to manage and deliver virtual RDS-enabled Windows Servers and remote applications to your end users. You can also leverage the automation to perform basic VDI agent updates to floating and dedicated desktops.


This Quick-Start Tutorial introduces you to Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure, and helps you to evaluate this product through a series of practical exercises. The Overview section describes the benefits, features, architecture, and components, and how the components interoperate. Subsequent sections provide exercises to help you deploy the Horizon Cloud Service node into your Microsoft Azure capacity, and then to explore and evaluate this product and its core capabilities and key features.

Important: This tutorial is designed for evaluation purposes, based on using the minimum required resources for a basic deployment, and does not explore all possible features. The evaluation environment should not be used as a template for deploying a production environment. To deploy a production environment, see the Horizon Cloud Service documentation.


This guide is intended for security architects, engineers, and administrators who want to familiarize themselves with, or are in the process of implementing, a Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Familiarity with Windows data center technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Active Directory, SQL, and Microsoft Management Console is assumed. You should also be familiar with virtualization technology, cloud computing, network routing, firewall security architecture, site-to-site virtual private networks (S2S VPNs), and Multi-Protocol Label Switching networks (MPLS). Knowledge of compatibility is also useful before using VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure (see VMware Product Interoperability Matrices).

Note: Not all sections of this guide are necessarily applicable to your deployment. Optional sections are clearly marked. If you have questions about the specifics of your order, see your Horizon Cloud-Hosted Setup web form, or speak to VMware or a Value Added Reseller for VMware.