VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure

VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure


VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ is a family of cloud services that delivers virtual desktops and applications to end users on any supported device. Horizon Cloud is available as a VMware-hosted infrastructure, or as an on-premises infrastructure. In both modes, the Horizon Cloud application manages the infrastructure.


This tutorial helps you evaluate the VMware Horizon Cloud Service with Hosted Infrastructure by introducing you to the benefits, features, and components. It includes exercises to install and set up a service evaluation environment. Additional exercises help you explore the core capabilities and how to use them, as well as the ability to integrate with products such as VMware Identity Manager™ and VMware User Environment Manager.

Note: This tutorial describes a basic deployment and some key features. To explore features beyond the scope of this tutorial, see the VMware Horizon Cloud Service Documentation.


This tutorial is for IT decision-makers, architects, administrators, and others who want to familiarize themselves with, or are in the process of, a Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure deployment.

You should be familiar with basic VMware components, virtual machines, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) concepts, and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) servers. You should also be familiar with cloud computing, site-to-site (S2S) VPNs, and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks.

Navigating This Tutorial

Using the navigation bar on the left, you can access the following exercises to set up and configure a Horizon Cloud environment and explore some of the key features. It is recommended that you complete these sections in order, as they build upon one another.

Section A takes you step-by-step through setting up a Horizon Cloud tenant and configuring a Horizon Cloud Hosted Infrastructure environment. Section B explores the Administration Console and how to customize your environment. Section C shows you how to create an image.

  • A: Deploying and Configuring VMware Horizon Cloud Service
  • B: Exploring the Horizon Administration Console
  • C: Creating a Desktop Image

The subsequent sections show you how to assign access to desktops, native applications, and remote applications. These sections are independent of each other, so you can start at the beginning of any section and proceed in any order.

  • D: Assigning Access to a Desktop
  • E: Assigning Access to a Native Application
  • F: Assigning Access to a Remote Application
  • G: Assigning Customizations

The final sections demonstrate integrating Horizon Cloud with other VMware products to provide an enhanced and optimized end-user experience.

  • H: Integrating and Using Workspace One with Horizon Cloud
  • I: Using VMware User Environment Manager with Horizon Cloud