Technical Overview

Technical Overview

About Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure

The Horizon Cloud service delivers virtual desktops and applications using a purpose-built cloud platform that is scalable across multiple deployment options, including on-premises infrastructure or fully managed infrastructure from VMware. The service supports a cloud-scale architecture to deliver virtualized Windows desktops and applications to multiple devices, simplifying setup and scalability.

Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure simplifies delivering Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service while maintaining enterprise requirements for security and control. End users benefit from a complete workspace that they can access from a variety of device types from almost any location. Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure also offers an on-demand, flexible desktop and application delivery platform that can grow or shrink based on the needs and demands of your business.

The need to reevaluate desktop strategies is driving many companies to consider VDI. VDI solves many traditional challenges of physical desktops. With VDI, desktops are centralized onto virtual machines that run in corporate data centers. Cloud-hosted virtual desktops take that one step further. They make day-to-day tasks, such as deploying new desktops and applications and supporting distributed workers, easier and less labor-intensive. Users access their virtual desktops via remoting technology, making it possible for IT to finely control the movement of data into and out of the data center. If a laptop or mobile device is stolen or lost, your enterprise is at less risk because data is not stored on the local device.

Service Models

Horizon Cloud is available in two subscription options:

  • Per named user: Use in virtual environments with end users that require dedicated access to virtual machines throughout the day
  • Per concurrent connection: Use in virtual environments with a high number of users who share machines throughout the day, such as students or shift workers

You can purchase Horizon Cloud hosted infrastructure directly from VMware or bring your own certified hyper-converged infrastructure appliances to host your virtual desktops and applications. For more information, see How to Buy.

Features and Benefits

You can streamline the effort of infrastructure management and application delivery by transferring to the cloud with managed infrastructure from VMware. Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure provides you with optimum security and support, with an infrastructure that can scale faster than traditional on-premises environments. You can choose from a variety of desktop configurations, application delivery methods, and data center locations. You can reduce costs and forecast them with simple and predictable per-user pricing.

For the most current list of benefits, see the Benefits section of VMware Horizon Cloud Hosted.