Summary and Additional Resources

Summary and Additional Resources


This tutorial provides an overview of the VMware Horizon Cloud family of products, including the system architecture, components, and features. A series of exercises takes you through the processes for setting up a Horizon Cloud infrastructure and initial configuration. You explore the key features of Horizon Cloud through exercises, including creating and publishing a desktop image and assigning access to desktops and remote and native applications. It also addresses how additional VMware products can enhance a user’s experience in the Horizon Cloud environment, such as VMware Identity Manager, App Volumes, and VMware User Environment Management.

Terminology Used in This Guide

The following terms are used in this tutorial:


The VMware Identity Manager UI that displays desktops and applications available to a user or group of users


A set of securely accessed Internet-hosted services

Traditional full clone

A complete copy created from an existing virtual machine (VM) template

Full-clone desktop

An independent copy of a VM that shares nothing with the master image, and operates entirely separately from the VM used to create it

Instant clone

A copy of an existing VM that, like a linked-clone, shares virtual disks with the parent VM, but that, at creation time, shares the memory of the running parent VM from which it is created

Master image

A VM that has been created and configured for desktop deployment and which will serve as the core image for clones. For full clones, the master image is a VM template. For linked clones, the master image is the parent VM plus a selected VM snapshot. The master image can also be referred to as a desktop image, a golden image, or a linked-clone desktop image.

Virtual appliance

A virtual machine created and configured by VMware to perform a product-based function, such as VMware Workstation

Virtual machine

A software computer running an operating system or application environment that is backed by the physical resources of a host

For more information about terms, see the VMware Technical Publications Glossary or VMware Technical Publications Glossary Online.

Additional Resources

For more information about Horizon Cloud, you can explore the following resources:

About the Authors

This Quick-Start Tutorial was written by:

  • Cindy Heyer Carroll, Technical Writer in End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware
  • Jerrid Cunniff, End-User-Computing Cloud Services Senior Solutions Engineer, VMware
  • Rick Terlep, End-User-Computing Architect, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

With appreciation and acknowledgment for considerable contributions from the following subject matter experts:

  • Josh Spencer, End-User-Computing Cloud Services Senior Solutions Engineer, VMware
  • Daniel Berkowitz, End-User-Computing Cloud Services Senior Solutions Engineer, VMware


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