VMware Horizon 7 version 7.5 and later


Introduction to Troubleshooting

The exercises in this chapter demonstrate a couple of tools you can use for troubleshooting using the new Horizon Console UI.

For further information about troubleshooting, see the following Horizon 7 product documentation topics:

Monitor Remote Sessions

You can use Horizon Administrator and the new Horizon Console to monitor desktop and application sessions. These consoles give you a view into details from a farm, pool, or machine perspective. For example, you can see how many sessions are active for a pool. If you need to drill down into details for a particular user, the new Help Desk Tool is preferred, as is described in later exercises.

Note: To monitor linked-clone pools, which are created using the Composer, you must use Horizon Administrator. Linked-clone pools are visible but dimmed in the Horizon Console Inventory > Desktops list of desktop pools.

Prerequisites for Monitoring Remote Sessions

To perform this exercise, you need to have created a desktop or application pool.

1. Go to the Summary Page for the Pool or RDSH Server Farm

  1. Log in to the Horizon Console, and select Inventory > Desktops, for VDI desktop pools, or Inventory > Farms, for RDSH server farms.
    The format of the URL for accessing the console is: https://<connection-server-FQDN>/newadmin
  2. For VDI desktop pools, click the pool name on the Desktop Pools page. For published applications or desktops, click the farm name on the Farms page.

2. Monitor Sessions for a Desktop Pool or Farm

Click the Sessions tab to see the following information about each session:

  • User name
  • Host name
  • Start and duration time
  • Session state
  • Display protocol; for example: Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP

3. Select Sessions

If you need to perform emergency maintenance tasks, you can select one or more users in the list, and click a button to

  • Disconnect the session.
  • Log the user out of the session.
  • Restart the user's desktop.
  • Reset the VM.
  • Send a message to the user.

Note: The Restart Desktop and Reset Virtual Machine buttons are not available for RDSH server sessions.

Verify Prerequisites for Using the Horizon Help Desk Tool

To use the Horizon Help Desk Tool to look up and troubleshoot user sessions, you must have the correct type of Horizon license and you must verify that at least one user account in Horizon Administrator has been assigned the required role.

1. Verify That the Horizon License Includes Horizon Help Desk Tool

  1. Log in to Horizon Administrator, and select View Configuration > Product Licensing and Usage.
    The format of the URL for accessing Horizon Administrator is: https://<connection-server-FQDN>/admin
  2. Verify that the Help Desk license is enabled.

You must have a valid product license key for Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition or Horizon Apps Advanced. If you do not have the correct license, after you obtain one, you can click the Edit License button to add the new license.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Help Desk Administrators Roles

  1. In Horizon Administrator, select View Configuration > Administrators.
  2. Click the Roles tab.
  3. Select the Help Desk Administrators role.
  4. Scroll through the Permissions list to see which permissions are granted to this role.

Note: If you installed the Horizon Connection Server that included this instance of Horizon Administrator, you were automatically given the Administrators role. This role includes all the permissions required for the Help Desk Administrator role. If you do not have the correct permissions, you will need to edit your permissions and add the Help Desk Administrators role, as shown in the following screen shot:

Use the Help Desk Tool to Restart a User's Virtual Desktop

In this exercise, you are a help-desk administrator. An end user needs your help because their virtual desktop has stopped responding. For virtual desktops in this desktop pool, end users are not allowed to reset or restart their machines, so the user has asked you to restart the machine. Using the Horizon Help Desk Tool, you can perform this task in less than a minute.

You can perform many troubleshooting tasks for end users with this tool:

  • Restart the desktop
  • Send a message to the user
  • Launch Microsoft Remote Assistance
  • Disconnect the user session (without logging the user off)
  • Log the user off of the machine
  • Reset the machine, which equates to turning the power off and then on, and is useful if the OS freezes

The following section, Troubleshooting Users in Horizon Help Desk Tool, lists all the details about the various types of information you can view for an end user. (10-minute read)


Use Horizon Client or the HTML Access web client to log in to a virtual desktop as an end user. After you connect to the desktop, an active session can appear in the Horizon Help Desk Tool.

1. Log In to Horizon Console

In Horizon Administrator, click Horizon Console.

2. Select the End User

  1. Log in to the Horizon Console, and enter the user's name in the search bar.
    The format of the URL for accessing the console is: https://<connection-server-FQDN>/newadmin
  2. Select the user from the search results.

3. Select the Desktop or Application Session to Troubleshoot

On the Sessions tab, in the list of active sessions, click an item in the Computer Name column.

4. Scroll Down and Click the Restart Button

Scroll down the Details tab until you get to the end of the User Experience Metrics section, and click Restart.

Also note the other troubleshooting options. The Remote Assistance option is based on Microsoft Remote Assistance. If you click More, the additional options are Disconnect, Logoff, and Reset. For more information, see Troubleshoot Desktop or Application Sessions in Horizon Help Desk Tool.

5. Confirm Restarting the Desktop

Click OK. You are returned to the Sessions list, and the session for the desktop is removed from the list.

For application sessions, the troubleshooting options are slightly different, as shown in the following screenshot.

Be sure to see the VMware Horizon v7.5 Help Desk Tool Feature Walkthrough video for the Horizon 7 Help Desk.