Configuring Adaptive Management for iOS

Configuring Adaptive Management for iOS


This exercise helps you enable and test adaptive management. The procedures are sequential and build upon one another, so make sure that you complete each procedure in this section before going to the next procedure.

You can deploy internal and public applications as either managed or unmanaged when using Workspace ONE UEM for native application delivery. This adaptive management approach protects data inside applications without requiring devices to be managed.

Adaptive management is applied on a per-application basis in Workspace ONE UEM Console. With an application profile, an administrator can require device management prior to allowing the device to use an application.


Before you can perform the procedures in this exercise, you must complete the following tutorials:

This exercise requires a user to enroll their device into Workspace ONE UEM. Note the user account information in the following table. The details provided in this table are based on a test environment. Your user account details will differ.

User Account Information

User name
Password VMware1!

Logging In to the Workspace ONE UEM Console

To perform most of the steps in this exercise, you must first log in to the Workspace ONE UEM Console.

1. Launch Chrome Browser

Launch Chrome Browser

On your desktop, double-click the Google Chrome icon.

3. Authenticate In to the Workspace ONE UEM Console

  1. Enter your Username. This is the name provided in the activation email.
  2. Click Next. After you click Next, the Password text box is displayed.
  1. Enter your Password. This is the password provided in the activation email.
  2. Click the Login button.

Note: If you see a Captcha, be aware that it is case sensitive.

Enabling Adaptive Management

Add the Socialcast® by VMware application to the Catalog, and enable adaptive management.

1. Navigate to Add Application

  1. In Workspace ONE UEM Console, select Apps & Books.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Select Native.
  4. Select the Public tab.
  5. Click Add Application.

2. Add VMware Socialcast Application

2.1. Search for VMware Socialcast

  1. Platform – Select Apple iOS.
  2. Name – Enter Socialcast.
  3. Click Next.

2.2. Select VMware Socialcast

Click Select to select the Socialcast application.

2.3. Save VMware Socialcast

Click Save & Assign.

3. Add Assignment

Click Add Assignment.

4. Provide Assignment Details

  1. Selected Assignment Groups  – Select the iOS smart group that you created in Assign a VMware Device Profile.
  2. App Delivery Method  – Select On Demand.
  3. Managed Access  – Select Enabled.
  4. Click Add.

5. Publish Application

  1. Click Save & Publish.
  2. Click Publish.

Testing Adaptive Management

To test the adaptive management feature, you need an unmanaged iOS device—a device that does not have the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub installed.

1. Navigate to App Store

On your iOS device, tap the App Store icon.

2. Search for VMware Workspace ONE App

  1. Enter vmware workspace one in the search field.
  2. Tap the cloud icon to install the Workspace ONE application.

3. Launch VMware Workspace ONE

Tap Open to launch VMware Workspace ONE application.

4. Enter Workspace ONE Credentials

Enter the VMware Identity Manager tenant address.

  1. Enter the user name for Workspace ONE.
  2. Enter the password.
  3. Tap Sign in.

5. Load Workspace

If prompted, tap Enter to load your workspace.

6. Allow Notifications

If prompted, tap Allow to confirm notifications.

7. Install Socialcast from Workspace ONE Catalog

  1. Tap the Catalog tab.
  2. To install the Socialcast application, tap Install.

8. Enable Workspace Services

Tap Enable Workspace Services.

9. Install the MDM Profile

Install the MDM Profile

Tap Install in the upper-right corner of the Install Profile dialog box.

10. Enter Device PIN (If Required)

If a PIN is requested, enter your device PIN.

11. Install and Verify the Workspace ONE UEM MDM Profile

Install and Verify the AirWatch MDM Profile

Tap Install when prompted at the Install Profile dialog box.

12. iOS MDM Profile Warning

iOS MDM Profile Warning

You should now see the iOS Profile Installation warning explaining what this profile installation will allow on the iOS device.

Tap Install in the upper-right corner of the screen.

13. Trust the Remote Management Profile.

You should now see the iOS request to trust the source of the MDM profile.

Tap Trust when prompted at the Remote Management dialog.

14. iOS Profile Installation Complete

You should now see the iOS Profile successfully installed.

Tap Done in the upper right corner of the prompt.

Tap Open to open this page in Workspace ONE.

15. Confirm App Installation

Tap Install.

16. Accept App Installation

Tap Install.

17. Confirm Socialcast Installation

After the Socialcast installation completes, the application is available on your device. Tap the application to launch it.

You have successfully completed Adaptive Management Configuration for iOS.