Removing the SCCM Client

Removing the SCCM Client


To completely replace SCCM with Workspace ONE UEM, remove the SCCM (ConfigMgr) client from the Windows 10 device. In this exercise, use Workspace ONE UEM to remove SCCM by configuring a custom settings profile to push a PowerShell script.

In addition to configuring a custom settings profile, you can also remove SCCM by:



In addition to the previous requirements, you must also satisfy the following:

  • Windows Pro, Enterprise, or Education device enrolled in Workspace ONE UEM. For more information, compare Windows 10 editions, or contact a Microsoft representative.


Configuring a Custom Settings Profile

Profiles allow you to modify how the enrolled devices behave. This section helps you remove SCCM from devices by configuring and deploying a Custom Settings profile with a PowerShell command.

Add a Profile

2. Add a Windows Profile

Select the Windows icon.

Note: Make sure that you are selecting Windows and not Windows Rugged.

3. Add a Windows Desktop Profile

Select Windows Desktop.

4. Select Context - Device Profile

Select Device Profile.

Configure a Custom Settings Profile

1. Define General Settings

  1. Select General if it is not already selected.
  2. Enter a profile name in the Name text box, for example, Remove SCCM.
  3. Copy the profile name into the Description text box.
  4. Click in the Assigned Groups field. This will pop-up the list of created Assignment Groups. Select the All Devices Assignment Group.
    Note: You may need to scroll down to view the Assigned Groups field.

Note: You do not need to click Save & Publish at this point. This interface allows you to move around to different payload configuration screens before saving.

2. Open the Custom Settings Payload

 Note: When initially setting a payload, a Configure button will show to reduce the risk of accidentally setting a payload configuration.

  1. Select the Custom Settings payload.
  2. Click the Configure button to begin configuring the payload settings.

3. Configure Custom Settings

  1. Switch Target to AirWatch Protection Agent.
  2. Uncheck Make Commands Atomic.
  3. Then paste the following text into the Custom Settings text box:

<wap-provisioningdoc id="c14e8e45-792c-4ec3-88e1-be121d8c33dc" name="customprofile">

  <characteristic type="com.airwatch.winrt.powershellcommand" uuid="7957d046-7765-4422-9e39-6fd5eef38174">

<parm name="PowershellCommand" value="Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {C:\windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe /uninstall}"/>



4. Click Save & Publish.


4. Publish the Profile

Click Publish.

Verify the Profile Exists

2. Locate the Profile in the List View

Confirm the Profile is available in the Profile list view.

Now, when a device enrolls into Workspace ONE UEM, the profile is applied. Then, AirWatch Unified Agent runs the PowerShell command to remove SCCM.