You’re not too late for VMworld 2020!

October 06, 2020

VMworld just ended, you say? No problem! You and your colleagues can still catch VMworld’s on-demand sessions FREE! All these sessions are available for free. Simply search the VMworld On-Demand Video Library via session, title, keywords, or presenter. 

vmworld on-demand video

You can also access this vast body of resources through your My VMworld account, where you can explore them at your convenience. 

Don't have an account? Create a free account and dive in! The on-demand content is ready for picking.

missed vmworld?

Joe Schaaf, Enterprise Sales Specialist at VMware, painstakingly collated the links for every single End-User Computing session from VMworld. These on-demand sessions are now at your fingertips.

There’s something here for everyone!

The VDI section offers a huge variety of topics – from reference architecture to Nerdfest, from business continuity to optimizing Windows images to the future role of VDI administrators – this category includes over 60 VDI sessions and demos, plus a hands-on-lab.

The Workspace ONE section is even more prolific – including how to be future-ready, combat emerging cybersecurity threats, support remote workforces, eliminate passwords, and more – the Workspace ONE category includes 80+ sessions, demos, and a hands-on-lab.

VMworld - VDI sessions

Check out the VDI sessions from VMworld 2020:

VMworld - Workspace ONE sessions

Check out the Workspace ONE sessions from VMworld 2020:


      That’s right. VMworld sessions were recorded and posted to My VMworld, where you can explore them on your own schedule from your My VMworld account. Don't have one? Create a free account and dive in! The on-demand content is ready for picking.

      missed vmworld?

      And BTW: Many thanks to Joe Schaaf, Enterprise Sales Specialist at VMware!

      Enterprise Sales Specialist at VMware

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