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October 13, 2020


We hope you had a fantastic time learning all things Workspace ONE at VMworld 2020! Brooks and I were lucky enough to present a session together as part of the DeskCon Experience, Management Hackers: Modern Management Tips and Tricks for Windows Admins (DWMM2815). Do check it out when you get a moment, as well as the other brilliant on-demand sessions.

The traction so far in the first few episodes of The Ascent has been amazing, to say the least! We’ve had numerous comments about the format and the content presented, and we’re so thrilled to be adding more content to the Workspace ONE knowledge base.

Episode 3 and Episode 4 went up last week. They cover the core enrollment models for Windows 10 devices – command-line enrollment and GUI enrollment.

So, you wanted more? We’ve got you covered. Starting with a drop this week, we have a couple of fundamentals episodes, focusing on Roles Based Access Control, Admin Roles, User Groups, Smart Groups, and enabling Hub Services. They are a bit of a rehash for long-term Workspace ONE admins, but I hope there are useful nuggets for all of you. Once we’re through that, lots of Windows 10 fun awaits, kicking off with OMA-DM, BitLocker management, and the Windows Software Distribution stack as the next set of episodes in the pipeline.

As always, the episodes will be posted in the Experts Talk on VMware Tech Zone and are also available on the VMware End-User Computing YouTube page.

Your input is what we want the most – so if there are topics you want us to cover, just comment on the videos or tweet us. Chances are we’ll make a video for you! 

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Stay safe and I hope you enjoy the upcoming episodes.

Adarsh (@adarshkesari) and Brooks (@brookspeppin)

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