March 11, 2024

Workspace ONE UEM Modernization Wave 1 (Modern Stack): Coming soon to a UEM environment near you!

Jesper Alberts and Joris Adriaanse introduce the Modern Stack journey of Workspace ONE, highlighting its transition to a cloud-native architecture, and inviting early feedback from users before its full release.

We are Jesper Alberts and Joris Adriaanse. Together we have over 15 years of experience in the Workspace ONE space. In the next few minutes, we will take you on the Modern Stack journey. What is the Modern Stack you ask? Let us do a short recap and announce what will be released shortly:

Announced in early 2023, Workspace ONE embarked on a modernization journey for its Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform. Moving away from its traditional monolithic architecture to a cloud-native architecture based on microservices, capable of meeting modern demands for the future workforce. 

Together with our end-users we have experienced first-hand the platform's transformation from a traditional, on-premises server and database setup to the upcoming cloud-native approach. With cloud-native comes more flexibility and opportunity for speed and scale. This will result in:

  • User & Device Experience – No more waiting when you request a new app or new settings, it is there before you know it. All the communications have been sped up well over ten times for large scale.
  • Performance – The new microservices architecture will drive some much-needed improvements in both speed and scale. Also bringing additional code testing coverage and faster releases, including those pesky bug fixes!
  • Application & Profile Deployments – The new way of resource delivery will be Desired State Management (DSM), this will improve the deployment experience on devices and ensure each device leaves in the state needed by users. 
  • Security – Security is a major focus and with additional controls in place the modern stack is more robust than ever! Also be on the lookout for the new Vulnerability Management.
  • And much more!

It is great to sit so close to the playing field when the new architecture is just around the corner and can be experienced first-hand. We can imagine that a new architecture does not sound as exciting as other new features but believe us when we say it will change the way you use Workspace ONE UEM in the future. 

The first capabilities are currently deployed to several UAT tenants. If you have access to one of those UAT tenants, as listed in the KB article Workspace ONE (WS1) UEM Next-Gen SaaS, you are in the unique position to join us in providing feedback via the EUC Early Access program and influence the development of Workspace ONE. Time is running out for you to provide feedback before this modernized architecture becomes available for everyone, so please give us your input now.

When the final phase of this modernization journey is available, we plan to release a series of blogs with deep dives of the benefits it brings to these areas.

Jesper & Joris

            Your favorite Tech Zone team

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