What's New in Workspace ONE UEM 9.7

September 15, 2018

Management & Security Enhancements in UEM 9.7

The latest updates and features for Workspace ONE UEM 9.7 are now available! This release's highlights are: new VMware Tunnel features, new Apple functionality, and Windows 10 enhancements.

Device Traffic Segmentation for VMware Tunnel

Now, you can configure child organization groups for VMware Tunnel to override device traffic rules. This feature enables multi-tenet architecture to segment device traffic rules so that you can organize users and devies regionally, by business unit or device ownership type.

Advanced Remote Support for iOS

Advanced Remote Management v4 now supports iOS, making it possible to troubleshoot iOS devices without using AirPlay. 

S/MIME Enhancements for iOS 12

New settings in the email and Exchange ActiveSync profile payloads make providing and enforcing S/MIME encryption easier than ever before.

Bypass Do Not Disturb Mode for iOS 12

New settings in the notification profile payload for iOS enable you to send notifications to devices, even when the device is set in do not disturb mode.

Force OAuth for iOS 12

The Exchange ActiveSync profile payload settings now allows you to specify if the native mail Exchange connection should use OAuth to authenticate iOS 12 devices.

Force Date & Time Set for iOS 12

Make use of the Force Date & Time to be Set Automatically setting in the restriction profile payload to prevent users from changing the "Set Automatically" iOS device feature.

Control Password Settings iOS 12 Supervised Devices

New settings in the restrictions profile payload, allow you to control auto-fill passwords, password sharing via AirDrop, and proximity requests.

Open-In Settings for iOS 12

Now, use new data loss prevention settings in the restrictions profile payload to stop your users from using unmanaged contacts in managed apps, and managed contacts in unmanaged apps.

Deactivate Real-Time BitLocker Enforcement for Windows

New settings in the BitLocker Encryption profile payload allow you to deactivate local enforcement. This makes OEM updates and OS patches more easy to schedule.

Dell Factory Services for Windows

Workspace ONE UEM now supports creating a provisioning package for Windows 10 devices that you can send to Dell to configure your devices before they even ship. This process requires software distribution and the new VMware Workspace ONE Configuration Tool for Provisioning. Once the provisioning package is installed on your device, end users need only sign in to complete enrollment with their applications that are already installed. Dell takes these provisioning packages and installs them onto devices so your end users receive a device with all their apps already installed.

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