What's New in VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.7

October 04, 2019

Find out about the latest changes in VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.7.

You can start with the video to hear all about these enhancements:

The VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.7 release provides many new enhancements, including but not limited to the following:

  • Update to Photon 3.0 – In this release, the Unified Access Gateway updates from Photon 2.0 to Photon 3.0, as well as the latest Linux kernel and package updates. These means you get the latest improvements to the Photon OS, including security, reliability, and performance enhancements.
  • Improvements to RADIUS and Windows SSO – This release includes improvements to user experience where your users’ RADIUS passcode and their Active Directory domain password are the same. This is particularly good for Horizon deployments with multi-domain environments where end-users access the virtual applications and desktop through Unified Access Gateway. In these cases, the user provides the RADIUS passcode and Unified Access Gateway forwards the credentials to AD for authentication. No need to enter the same password twice.
  • Support to dynamically obtain JWT signing public key – Dynamic public keys are now supported for JWT validation. Originally, the JWT validation was based on a static list of public key values, and you had to upload the values through the Unified Access Gateway admin UI or PowerShell. Now, you can specify the dynamic public key URL, which Unified Access Gateway uses to grab the public keys. And in case you still want to use it, the static list of public key values is still available as well.
  • Enhancements to Secure Email Gateway (SEG) SSL certificate – You now have the option to configure the Secure Email Gateway service on Unified Access Gateway, and later upload the SSL certificate through the admin UI. You can choose whether to upload via the Unified Access Gateway admin UI, or through PowerShell. You will especially appreciate this option if you don't want to provide the certificate private keys outside of the data center, or to a third party to upload into the appliance.
  • New options for appliance XL sizing for large deployments – A new extra-large (XL) sizing has been added to Unified Access Gateway. This reduces the number of appliances for large Secure Email Gateway (SEG) deployments with over a hundredd thousand concurrent connections.

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