What's New in VMware Digital Workspace Tech Zone - January 2019

February 04, 2019

We are excited to announce the newest offerings added this past quarter to the VMware Digital Workspace Tech Zone site. You can see it all, from basic overviews and quick-start tutorials, to in-depth reference architectures and operational tutorials. You can find out everything you want to know about each product by watching walkthroughs and deep-dive videos, and start developing your own expertise with reference architectures and lab videos.


Soak in the details as the experts explain how the solutions work and demonstrate their latest features. In the expert series, you hear from those who are most knowledgeable about the VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon 7 solutions.

You can find guidance in the form of operational tutorials, quick-start tutorials, and reference architectures. A variety of operational tutorials offer the opportunity to explore specific capabilities and learn the recommended procedures. In quick-start tutorials, you use sequential exercises to see how to set up and configure a basic deployment. In reference architectures, you can delve into the detail of the solution and its components and learn the extent of its capabilities.

Operational Tutorials

Quick-Start Tutorials

Reference Architectures

Be sure to watch for posts from Brian Madden. He's had a lot to say since joining VMware End-User Computing early last year, and we're delighted that he now hosts his opinions on Tech Zone. He's sure to kick up a storm!

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