VMware is offering a brand new beta course covering App Volumes 4 and Dynamic Environment Manager 9.10!

January 31, 2020

App Volumes 4 introduces Simplified Application Management, dramatically improving the way application lifecycle is managed. Simplified Application Management introduces new components called applications, packages, and programs. These provide you with granular control over application lifecycle and improved administrative workflows. Check out the Simplified Application Management feature walkthrough for a quick look at these new capabilities.

Dynamic Environment Manager offers personalization and dynamic policy configuration across any virtual, physical and cloud-based Windows desktop environment. It integrates seamlessly with App Volumes and VMware Horizon to provide a highly customized user experience.

In this live, online course, you will get hands-on experience installing and configuring these technologies, working with Simplified Application Management, providing end users with self-support capabilities, managing Horizon Smart Policies, and so much more.

Click the course link for more details about this offering.

Classes begin on February 10th so register today!


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