VMware Horizon Console UI Recap

November 09, 2021

It has been a few months since my last update on the Horizon Admin Console, and I wanted to share a comprehensive list of some of the key features that we have rolled out as part of the Horizon 8 release in the last few months. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Role-Based Access

You can now create access groups for multi-pod global entities like global entitlements and global sessions using a concept called “Federation Access Group”. Federation access groups and local access groups will co-exist, and local access group will be applicable for pod local entities like desktop pools, application pools, machines, etc.

We have introduced new privileges for machine maintenance targeted at Help desk admins so they can create custom roles to perform very specific functions around machine operations.

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Display Resolution support for 5k and 8k

We now support 5k and 8k displays for Full Clone and Managed Manual desktop pools for Blast protocol. If you are using PCoIP, the maximum resolution supported is 4k.

Enhanced Grid Features

All grids in the UI now support the enterprise-focused Clarity design system. You can specify what columns you want to appear in the grid and use the Filter option to narrow down the list.

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Download Log Bundles for Connection Server and Agent

You will now be able to use the Log Collection feature in the UI to collect Connection Server and Agent logs, and download them to your local file system.

Capturing log collections:

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Managing log collections:

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Disable Application Pool

You can enable/disable Application pools from the UI similar to what is available with Desktop pools.

Provide feedback from within the UI

We have introduced the ability for you to provide feedback about the product from within the Console. Just click on the feedback link at the top right of the page to do so.

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We stay focused on our journey to add more capabilities to the UI. Personally, I am very excited to bring a lot of these to market in the coming releases. If you would like to learn more about the UI, check out the product documentation for VMware Horizon 2106.

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