August 20, 2019

VMware EUC Podcast: "Mobile Jon" Towles joins Brian & Gabe to talk identity and mobility

This week on the (Definitely Not Official) VMware EUC Podcast, guest Jon Towles joins Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth. Jon is known as "Mobile Jon", blogging at and tweeting via @m0bilej0n.

We joked in our last podcast that we'd pick a new name for the show each week. This week's show is The Definitely Not Official VMware EUC Podcast, with guest Jon Towles. Jon's known as "Mobile Jon", blogging at and tweeting via @m0bilej0n.

We also introduced a new segment on this week's show simply called "Retractions." This week's retraction is from our last episode, where Brian said that customers could run the Workspace ONE EUM agent instead Windows 10 VDI VMs, regardless of what VDI platform was used. Our product managers would like to remind you that this is only officially supported when used with VMware Horizon VDI platforms, not on any platform as Brian said.

Moving on!

It was great to have Jon join us on the show today. Here's what we covered:

  • How Jon made the transition from retail store manager to enterprise mobility architect.
  • How "mobile people" can pick intentional topics to learn about to advance their careers.
  • Why Jon loves VMware Identity Manager and hates the name change to Workspace ONE Access.
  • Where VMware Workspace ONE Access really shines.
  • What "real" single sign-on (SSO) is, and how it's more than just having one username and password to remember.
  • Why it's important to have your own website (hint: It's your portfolio!).
  • The fact that Brian is not, as it turns out, able to part the Red Sea.
  • The importance of understanding the back-end architecture of how the things you're building really work.
  • What Jon is most excited about for VMworld 2019 next week.

If you don't know Jon, you really should check out his blog. Here are some of the articles & posts we mentioned during the show:

Here's the direct link to this week's show: The Definitely Not Official VMware EUC Podcast, Episode 3 with Jon Towles

And here's a player with all our podcast episodes. The latest show may not be the one this blog post is about, in which case you can find the episode with Jon among the list of past episodes. If you'd like to subscribe to all our shows, we're in Apple Podcasts and the Google Play Store.

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