August 02, 2019

VMware EUC Podcast: Brian Madden welcomes Gabe Knuth to VMware

The band is back together! In this episode, Brian Madden welcomes Gabe Knuth to VMware. They discuss what Gabe's been up to since the two of them worked together three years ago. Gabe talks about his time since leaving, including his role doing product marketing for FSLogix and what it was like working at a company that was acquired by Microsoft. They also discuss Gabe's new role a VMware—doing product marketing for VMware Horizon Cloud—and what's happening with VMware and EUC in general.

You may have seen via Twitter that Gabe Knuth has joined VMware! Gabe and I have worked together most of the past twenty (err, twenty-one!) years. We've coauthored several books (many with Jack Madden too), we worked together at, at BriForum, etc. When I left in 2016, Gabe stayed there for another 18 months. Then he left and went to FSLogix who was subsequently acquired by Microsoft.

Fast-forward to this week, when Gabe joined VMware EUC to do product marketing for our Horizon Cloud offering. Part of his role at VMware will be to re-kindle what the two of us did for years at with blogs, podcasts, speaking, and general industry analyst and community-type things.

With that, we are launching the VMware EUC Podcast. We recorded the first episode yesterday (which is technically this podcast's Episode 2 as I set up a podcast a year ago but didn't get past the first episode—it's easier with a friend and co-host!)

In this episode, Gabe and I discuss what he's been up to the past few years, why he joined VMware, and what he'll be working on. Moving forward, we'll continue at a regular pace, discussing VMware EUC technical topics, EUC industry news, and bringing all sorts of guesnts, including VMware technical folks, partners, customers, and anyone else with an interesting perspective that's focused on EUC Technology.

We will be adding podcast hosting support to Tech Zone (this website) in the coming months. In the meantime, we're hosting the podcast on Podbean. You can find it in iTunes, Google Play, or directly via

We've also embedded a player widget below you can use to play directly:

Thanks for listening! If you'd like to join as a guest on our show, reach out to either one of us directly, or Happy EUCing!

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