Update on VMware Horizon REST APIs

November 09, 2021

The Horizon team is pleased to roll out another set of Horizon Server REST APIs as part of the latest release of Horizon. You can now manage Federation Access Groups for global entities like global entitlements, global sessions, and more. All existing APIs now have Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) support.

To understand more about Access Groups, see the below documentation:

Horizon APIs are being delivered in the following categories:

API Endpoint



APIs for authentication and authorization. Used to log in to or out of the Horizon Server REST API.


APIs for managing configuration items such as environment properties, Image Management Service, Federation Access Groups, Horizon Connection Server general settings and security settings, and listing VMware vCenter Server® instances associated with the environment.


APIs for managing user entitlements for desktop and application pools.


APIs for retrieving information external to the Horizon environment. These include information from Active Directory and vCenter Server.


APIs for federation resources as part of Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA).


APIs for creating, updating, and deleting desktop and application pools; getting information on pools; adding machines to manual pools; getting information on RDSH server farms; managing machines and sessions; and managing desktop and application entitlements.


APIs for monitoring. These are all GET endpoints for Horizon and related services.

To know which APIs are available in each release, see VMware Horizon REST APIs.

For further information and examples, see the Using the VMware Horizon Server REST API guide.

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