April 19, 2019

Sneak Peek: Selecting a Windows 10 Onboarding Workflow

Onboarding is vital because it impacts so many other configuration decisions. So it's important to start out right. Check out this blog before planning your Workspace ONE UEM deployment.

Did you know that the VMware Workspace ONE Operational Tutorial: Planning Your Windows 10 Deployment was recently updated on VMware Tech Zone? As part of this update, the onboarding section now contains the latest recommendations, updated graphics, and useful links to additional Tech Zone resources. This post provides a sneak peek of this recently updated enrollment content. Keep reading to learn about the available onboarding options for Windows 10, and to evaluate which option is best for your organization.

Selecting an On-boarding Workflow

Workspace ONE UEM supports a variety of onboarding workflows that address multiple use cases. Since the onboarding workflow you choose impacts other configuration decisions, it is an important starting point when planning a Workspace ONE UEM deployment. The following figure is a decision tree intended to help you select an appropriate onboarding workflow. Examine the tree to determine which enrollment flows best suit your organization. Then, refer to the descriptions of the enrollment flows in following sections to learn more.

Select the enrollment flow that best suits your organization to learn more about it:

Agent-Based Enrollment

The agent-based enrollment method now uses VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (formerly known as AWAgent). The primary use case for agent-based enrollment is existing company-owned or BYOD devices that the end user self-onboards. The workflow is similar to the standard onboarding workflows for iOS and Android devices.

To walk through this enrollment workflow, see the article Enrolling Your Windows 10 Device with a Basic Account.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Enrollment

Workspace ONE UEM integrates with Azure AD, providing a robust selection of onboarding workflows that apply to a wide range of Windows 10 use cases. However, Azure licensing requirements stipulate that you must purchase an additional Azure AD Premium license to complete this integration.

Enterprises that are leveraging Azure AD typically use one of the following onboarding options for corporate-owned devices:

  • Enrolling using Out-of-Box-Experience
  • Enrolling using Azure AD Join
  • Enrolling with AutoPilot
  • Enrolling using On-Premises Active Directory Domain

For personal-owned (BYOD) devices:

  • Enrolling using Azure Connect

For step-by-step instructions on how to configure these options, see the Enrolling Windows 10 Devices Using Azure AD: VMware Workspace ONE Operational Tutorial.

Command-Line Enrollment

You have several onboarding options when using command-line enrollment. From onboarding with a PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM) solution such as SCCM using Workspace ONE AirLift, to deploying a script via a group policy object (GPO), all options have one thing in common. All of these options use the command-line parameters supported with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Organizations utilizing command-line enrollment typically use one of the following onboarding options:

  • Enrolling with SCCM using Workspace ONE AirLift
  • Enrolling Domain Joined devices
  • Enrolling Workgroup devices
  • Enrolling during Imaging/ In-Place upgrades
  • Enrolling using a Group Policy Logon Script

To walk through the Workspace ONE AirLift enrollment workflow, see the article Migrating Devices and Users from SCCM. For step-by-step instructions on how-to configure the remaining command-line enrollment options, see Onboarding Windows 10 Using Command-Line Enrollment: VMware Workspace ONE UEM Operational Tutorial.

Dell Provisioning

In partnership with Dell Configuration Services, Workspace ONE UEM supports creating provisioning packages to install applications and configurations on your Dell Windows 10 devices before they leave the factory. To use Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE, you must participate in Dell Configuration Services.

Dell Provisioning supports the following Workspace ONE onboarding methods:

  • Azure AD Joining with Premium licenses
  • Azure AD Joining without Premium licenses
  • On-premises Domain Joining
  • Workgroup

For instructions on how to configure these options step-by-step, see the Dell Provisioning: VMware Workspace ONE Operational Tutorial.


Now that you’ve had a sneak peek at this updated content, you’re probably hungry for more info. Today is your lucky day! In addition to helping you select an onboarding workflow, this tutorial also provides guidance for deploying Win32 applications and managing Windows 10 updates.

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