September 28, 2020

Shape the Future! Introducing the VMware Digital Workspace Beta Program

Sign up today for the Digital Workspace Beta Program™ and take part in shaping the next generation of Workspace ONE and Horizon products to be our best yet! Link:

Want to help shape the future of VMware’s Digital Workspace products?

Sign up today for the Digital Workspace Beta Program™ and take part in shaping the next generation of Workspace ONE and Horizon products to be our best yet!

The Digital Workspace Beta Program offers members the opportunity to:

  • Be the first to access the newest product alpha/beta/tech preview builds
  • Access the newest, most innovative features and enhancements across our portfolio
  • Directly impact the quality and usability of VMware software to make VMware software even better
  • Interact directly with the VMware EUC product and engineering family

Click here to sign up for VMware Digital Workspace Beta Program


What is the Digital Workspace Beta Program?

When you join the Digital Workspace Beta Program, you can test and provide feedback on the latest Digital Workspace products and features. We know Beta testing should be a breeze, so we’ve built in features that simplified for providing feedback if an issue is found.

We host our Beta Program on the Digital Workspace Beta Community site. This new platform provides its members a great variety of beta products in one place, with easy navigation and automatic notifications.

Standard types of feedback expected during Beta testing:

  • Specific Features and Use Cases
  • Functionality, Stability, and Scalability Testing
  • Feature Requests
  • Escalation Resolution
  • General Questions
  • Custom Configuration and/or Installation

Digital Workspace Beta Program

Who can join?

The Digital Workspace Beta Program is designed and dedicated to current customers and partners. Not only do we offer Beta, but also Alpha, Tech Preview and Limited Feature Release depending on product readiness. We use different platforms to distribute binaries such as TestFlight, Google Play, UAT and Digital Workspace Beta Community.

Which products are included in the Digital Workspace Beta Program?


Members of the Digital Workspace Beta Program can test various products under the End-User Computing umbrella. This includes the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, Workspace ONE secure productivity apps, VMware Horizon, and more. Below are some of the most buzzed about products and features the Beta community is currently testing:

  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
  • Workspace ONE Proximity for return to office during the pandemic; learn more

A Firsthand Look at the VMware Digital Workspace Beta Program

Here’s how the VMware Digital Workspace Beta Program benefits customers:

“VMware’s Beta Program for Workspace ONE allows us to test and validate upcoming releases so we can ensure our users and devices are not impacted by a new release. In addition to getting Beta program notifications for new releases, we can quickly provide feedback to the various engineering teams. This ensures we can always be on top of upcoming releases and stay in contact with engineering to raise a ticket for any potential issues. A huge benefit of this program is staying ahead of the curve with upcoming UI changes or changes in functionality. This gives us the opportunity to create documentation and notify our users of UI changes in future releases.”  – Thomas F., Fortune 500 Retail Company

“The beta program has been instrumental for us engaging and linking our colleagues in the business that use key employee enablement technologies to our external colleagues at VMware.

Through this program we are able to establish a clear two-way partnership between the challengers and ideas from our internal staff (that have direct contact with our customers) all the way through to the product R&D staff at VMware.

This engages all our staff not just IT to feel a part of the ever evolving and improving experience we all have with technology.” – Tim P.

How can I sign up?

Interested customers can sign up for free today at this link:


sign up



AuthorValerie Osborne

Valerie Osborne is the Manager of Beta Program Management team for End-User Computing Division, working closely with Product and Engineering teams to plan and execute successful beta programs which contribute to quality product releases. She is passionate and dedicated to customer success globally for early adoptions of EUC products.


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