Selecting the Best Modern Delivery Model for your Windows Applications

June 11, 2020

Modern management is the way forward for managing your Windows fleet. The benefits are profound; cloud-based device management, application delivery from anywhere, up-to-date security policies, and Windows Updates, all integrated with an insights and intelligence platform to ensure you best understand your operating environment.

Your modern management plan is progressing so smoothly until you get hit with a curveball… applications. Specifically, all of those applications required by users for their day-to-day jobs that haven’t been updated since the Stone Age. Those mission-critical apps that people are afraid to update because there is no documentation around them.

Enter… your VMware Workspace ONE® platform. Workspace ONE can deliver your different types of apps. Web application? Publish through VMware Workspace ONE® Access. Native Windows app? Deliver through VMware Workspace ONE® UEM. Maybe you need that app only available on the network? VMware Horizon® might be your answer.

Long story short, Workspace ONE has many different ways to deliver applications—and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right model. What format is my application in? Are there any dependencies that my app needs for it to run successfully? Are there more optimized ways to deliver my app in the modern approach that I never had available in the past? These are the important fundamental questions you should think about.

The Windows Application Delivery Design Considerations whitepaper provides you with the ammunition to analyze your Windows application fleet to identify any potential roadblocks to modern management adoption. It focuses on a recommended design approach to ensure the best Workspace ONE delivery model is chosen for your applications.

This whitepaper is available to download together with other great resources on the VMware Workspace ONE Modern Management website.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, and feedback.

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