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November 03, 2021

BetterCloud is a VMware OEM partner that provides VMware Workspace ONE customers access to SaaS applications. The partnership prioritizes VMware’s initiative to offer products that allow IT teams to be successful across the Anywhere Workspace and maintain a Zero Trust model without sacrificing employee experience. The new SaaS management offering—VMware SaaS App Management by BetterCloud—allows you to automate IT tasks and manage the distributed edge across SaaS apps, device, and network to create the most comprehensive solution in the industry.

BetterCloud offers three modules, described in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Discover, Manage, and Secure with VMware SaaS App Management by BetterCloud

What problem does SaaS Management Solve?

Employees have continued to adopt SaaS applications at a record pace. The average company has ~650 applications with larger enterprises averaging ~1,400 applications. For the end user, this move to SaaS increases productivity and collaboration but for IT teams, the move creates new challenges.

To manage the growing portfolio of SaaS applications, IT needs a solution that provides the optimal employee experience while ensuring their security initiatives remain a top priority. VMware SaaS App Management by BetterCloud allows teams to discover, manage, and secure their cloud applications.

Getting Started with SaaS Management

VMware SaaS App Management provides full visibility of the SaaS apps in your environment. Let’s explore the Discover, Manage, and Secure modules.


BetterCloud Discover gives IT a single view of your SaaS environment with granular control over all your SaaS applications including unknown and IT-managed applications. New apps are “discovered” by OAuth or SSO capabilities so that IT can make an informed decision on these “New” apps to sanction or unsanction employee use.

The Applications Dashboard helps you to:

  • Consolidate redundant applications.
  • Automatically remove unapproved third-party apps.
  • Eliminate unused licenses by monitoring inactive users.

Figure 2: Applications Dashboard in VMware SaaS App Management by BetterCloud


BetterCloud Manage uses insights and automation to expedite common IT activities so you can focus on what’s most important.

For example, you can use custom workflows to:

  • Provide new employees automatic access to required tools so they are ready on Day 1.
  • Manage employee departures by automatically removing user access and transferring files to keep company data secure.
  • Streamline day-to-day tasks such as routine updates, bulk changes, and so on.

Figure 3: Configuring workflows to offboard users


BetterCloud Secure keeps sensitive company data safe by centrally and automatically enforcing security policies to preempt threats.

The Secure module allows you to:

  • Receive immediate alerts when unwanted public file sharing takes place.
  • Automatically trigger workflows to remediate issues and prevent access to sensitive company data.
  • Configure content scanning options to intelligently locate sensitive data.
  • Eliminate any unwarranted “super admins” and fine-tune individual account privileges to improve overall safety and control across your SaaS portfolio.

Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 19.09.56

Figure 4: Scanning for content

Figure 5: Browsing Files in VMware SaaS App Management

SaaS Management Requirements

VMware SaaS App Management by BetterCloud is an add-on service to VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon that provides access to the Discover, Manage, and Secure modules. All future planned product integrations via the partnership will be compatible with Workspace ONE cloud customers only.

The customer is required to have one of the following applications that BetterCloud considers a full integration. These full integrations are core to the experience, support users in accessing BetterCloud, and ingest metadata about users, groups, files, and organizational units.

  • Microsoft365
  • Google Workspace (G-suite)
  • Okta
  • Dropbox

Get started with a free assessment of your SaaS environment.

Stay tuned for follow-up posts where we'll feature some use cases for VMware SaaS App Management.

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