Relaunching the VMware Digital Workspace Topology Tool

August 24, 2021

The VMware Digital Workspace Topology tool is now available!  By generating architectural diagrams of the digital workspace, this tool helps you design your deployment and understand its networking requirements. You can export and import your topology designs to quickly reload your previous state, or share the files with colleagues and partners to collaborate on designing your digital workspace journey.

VMware Digital Workspace Topology Tool


The Digital Workspace Topology tool is easy to use – simply select the Workspace ONE and Horizon components you have or intend to deploy to see a list of deployment options available.  Once your selections are made, navigate to the results page to instantly generate an architecture diagram that follows our best practices and recommendations.  Modifying your selections and updating the architecture diagram takes seconds, so updating your diagram to reflect a change in strategy has never been easier!

As an additional bonus, there's no need to update your diagrams by hand. Once you've generated your Workspace ONE and Horizon architecture diagrams, the diagrams automatically update with our best practices and recommendations as new features and solutions become available.

What's New?

Each topology design can be exported as a downloadable .json file, enabling you to save as many different configurations as needed and then import them as necessary to load your previous state. You can keep these files locally to easily revert to exported states, or share them with others and allow them to import your topology design for review or consideration.  A MyVMware account is no longer required to use the Digital Workspace Topology tool, so exporting and sharing your topology designs with colleagues and partners for collaboration is frictionless.  




Regardless of your experience or familiarity with VMware Workspace ONE, the Digital Workspace Topology tool can provide value by serving as an additional piece of documentation to reference for Workspace ONE and Horizon components and networking requirements or by painting an architectural diagram to help guide your digital workspace journey. 

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