Providing Secure Access to VMware Horizon 7 with the VMware Unified Access Gateway

November 23, 2019

VMware Unified Access Gateway™ is a platform that provides secure edge services and access to defined resources that reside in the internal network. You can use Unified Access Gateway to design VMware Horizon® 7 and VMware Workspace ONE® UEM deployments that require secure external access to apps in your organization.

The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the Providing Secure Access to VMware Horizon 7 with the VMware Unified Access Gateway guide which covers how to deploy a single Unified Access Gateway to proxy Horizon 7 traffic.


    Here is a high-level overview of the topics covered in this guide:

    • Unified Access Gateway deployment options
    • Configuring the INI files for Horizon 7
    • Deploying Unified Access Gateway using PowerShell

    Did you know that Unified Access Gateway can be used for multiple use cases, including:

    • Remote access to Horizon 7 desktops and applications
    • Reverse proxying of web servers
    • Access to on-premises legacy applications that use Kerberos or header-based authentication with identity bridging from SAML or certificates
    • With Workspace ONE UEM to allow mobile applications secure access to internal services through VMware Tunnel
    • Allowing Mobile Content Management access to internal files shares or SharePoint repositories by running the Content Gateway service

    For all of these details and more, check out the Providing Secure Access to VMware Horizon 7 with the VMware Unified Access Gateway guide.

    You can also follow the Unified Access Gateway Activity Path which contains a curated list of assets to help you become an expert on Unified Access Gateway. This activity path and more resources are available on Digital Workspace Tech Zone.

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