Okta Integration Enhancements in VMware Identity Manager 19.03

April 15, 2019

Okta Integration Enhancements in VMware Identity Manager 19.03

The 19.03 release of VMware Identify Manager introduces the ability to integrate Okta and to display Okta catalog items in the app catalog. The integration also supports the password change using the Okta password change engine.

You can see the Okta integration in action at:


You can now integrate the Okta catalog with the VMware Workspace ONE catalog service, which then aggregates the items into a single application portal.

The Workspace ONE catalog service pulls applications and entitlements from the VMware Identity Manager catalog, and native applications from the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) catalog. With the 19.03 release, it can now pull catalog items from Okta as well. As an administrator, catalog maintenance is a cinch because the items show up automatically. It makes life easier for your end users too. With this integration, they can access all their applications from a single application portal.

For more details

You can see these enhancements in action in the Okta Integration video mentioned above. For more information, see VMware Identity Manager 19.03 Release Notes.


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