September 02, 2020

Newly Updated: Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure activity path

Learn more about how we’ve revitalized, renovated, and refreshed the activity path known as Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.

We’ve revitalized, renovated, and refreshed the activity path known as Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.

Not only did we add new content, but we also re-organized the path to align with your experience on our other activity paths. In doing so, we’ve accommodated different learning styles. Whether you are primarily a visual learner or an audial learner, the new path has something for you.

Screenshot of re-organized activity paths

The re-org gave us the opportunity to streamline the first few modules to be more welcoming to newcomers, as well as to split Optimize and Operate chunks into separate modules so they’re easier to digest. And we incorporated Microsoft Azure training and enablement where it matters.

These improvements are the culmination of perspectives from a variety of experienced sources. We gathered  thoughts and suggestions from product management and product documentation teams, as well as field technical solution architects who support customer trials. A number of new hires gave the ultimate test by going through the path with a beginner’s eye. Having little or no prior knowledge, they proved invaluable in identifying points of confusion or omission which we could rectify.

Here’s a peek at the modules in the Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure activity path:

  • Prerequisites & Get Started – See introductory resources for those with little or no experience
  • Overview – Get a high-level perspective on Horizon Service, Horizon Cloud, and Horizon Universal License
  • Evaluate – Find out about testing Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure and POC
  • Architect – Access design and architectural materials to help you plan your environment
  • Deploy – Learn how to deploy your environment
  • Optimize – Find out about configuring and optimizing your components
  • Operate – Gain insight into typical Day 2 operational and administrative tasks
  • Integrate – Take advantage of integrations like Workspace ONE Access, Dynamic Environment Manager, and more
  • Training & Certification – Find out about training and certification for Horizon Cloud Services on Microsoft Azure
  • Enablement – Get additional resources for Microsoft Azure enablement from and beyond Tech Zone


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