October 11, 2022

New Windows Baselines and Microsoft Office 365 app now available in Workspace ONE UEM

Today's post discusses the latest updates to some Workspace ONE services. The additions include new Windows Baselines and the Microsoft Office 365 app.

A short time ago, we wrote about how Workspace ONE UEM Is Getting Modernized. This modernization effort allows for specific updates to Workspace ONE services without needing an "upgrade" to the entire Workspace ONE UEM service. Let’s look at the updates we’ve made to a couple of these services.

What’s New

More Windows Baselines have been added to the Workspace ONE Baselines service and the Microsoft Office 365 application has been added to the Workspace ONE Enterprise Application Repository.

Workspace ONE Baselines for Windows allows you to keep your devices secure and aligned with industry standards, such as CIS Benchmarks and the Windows 10 Security Baselines. With Workspace ONE Baselines, you set your preferred configuration over the air, including adding any additional policies, and your devices maintain these settings.

Workspace ONE Enterprise App Repository is built for admins and will serve as a one-stop-shop to procure 100s of commonly used, prepackaged, and preconfigured apps that IT can instantly deploy to end-users Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub catalog. You can now select the MS Office 365 app from this repository.

Where to find the Workspace ONE Baselines

In the Workspace ONE UEM console, select Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Baselines and select New. Select Use template and give your baselines a name. Chose the Windows Security Baselines. Here, you will notice we have added the Windows 21H1 and 21H2 Security Baselines. After Baselines have been selected, you can customize the Baselines and add any additional configurations required.

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For more information on Workspace ONE Baselines, see:



Where to find the Microsoft Office 365 Application

In the Workspace ONE UEM console, select Resources > Apps > Native. On the Internal tab, select add > From Enterprise App Repository.

Search for Microsoft 365 and you'll find the available languages, architectures, and deployments channels.

For more information on using the Workspace ONE Enterprise Application Repository, see:



Additional Resources

For more information about Windows Modern Management with Workspace ONE UEM, we encourage you to read:  

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