September 30, 2023

New Videos RE: Migration from First-Gen Horizon Cloud on Azure to Horizon Cloud – next-gen

Announcement for videos about migrating from Horizon Cloud on Azure to Horizon Cloud - next-gen. One video shows how the login experience has changed, and another shows how to schedule migration.

I got to talking with the Horizon Cloud Service operations team about their experience assisting customers with migrating their first-gen Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure pods to Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen, and I learned that these questions are coming up repeatedly:

  • What does the migration process look like?
  • How is logging into the desktops and apps different in next-gen vs first-gen?

Even though parts of the answers can be found in our product documentation, I wondered if I could create videos that would help answer these questions.

And I was happy to discover I could!

A screenshot of the next-gen Horizon Universal Console's Migration screen, which is the starting point for migrating a first-gen Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure pod to next-gen.

To demonstrate what scheduling a migration looks like, I created this video: Scheduling a Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure pod migration to Horizon Cloud Service next-gen.



To demonstrate how the login flows have changed for admins and end users, I created this video that goes through the flows for both first-gen and next-gen: VMware Horizon Cloud Service Login Flows: First-Gen vs Next-Gen.



What to do next?

For now, we are notifying you by email when your first-gen pods are eligible for migrating to next-gen. In a few months, we’ll open the process up to everyone and you’ll be able to schedule a migration as shown in the video. In the meantime, here are some additional resources to learn from:

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