November 20, 2019

Mobilize Your Workflows with VMware Mobile Flows

Find out how you can save time by using mobile flows. VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Flows is an effective way to take care of business tasks quickly and efficiently from a single app. No more jumping from website to website to get your tasks done!

Mobile flows are a great way to tick off tasks from your To-Do list, especially when the tasks involve a bunch of websites and systems. The beauty of mobile flows is that you can use a single app—such as VMware Boxer—to take care of business tasks quickly. No more jumping to app after app, website after website.

The following video is a great introduction to mobile flows. You get the benefit of two of our top VMware experts as they discuss mobile flow technology. They introduce Workspace ONE Mobile Flows, describe the components, and explain how it gets the job done:

Another good source of information about mobile flows is the following feature walk-through video. In this video, our VMware expert provides an overview of the requirements for mobile flows and most applicable use cases:

And if you're still hungry for more about mobile flows, check out the following additional Tech Zone assets:


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