Make sure you're ready for Horizon 7 end of life

March 06, 2023

Back in July 2022, I wrote a blog asking Why haven’t you upgraded from Horizon 7 to Horizon 8 yet? One of the compelling reasons that I gave to make the move was the fast-approaching end of support for Horizon 7. That date is now imminent. April 30, 2023, marks the official end of general support on the last version of Horizon 7.  

You can get all the dates and details by using and filtering on Horizon.

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Figure: All versions of Horizon 7 are either out of support or soon will be out of support.

There are many additional reasons to upgrade to Horizon 8. Riley Bui wrote about the Top 8 reasons to upgrade to Horizon 8 last month.  

Apps on Demand for published apps became available in Horizon 8 2212 and is a leap forward in integration between App Volumes and Horizon. This feature can reduce infrastructure costs, make app and image management more efficient, provide faster access to apps, and modernize apps across clouds. See the demo Delivering Horizon Published Apps on Demand with VMware App Volumes:



This is possibly the best reason to make the move to Horizon 8 in terms of new functionality that can have an impact on day-to-day operations.

If you have not started planning for your migration from Horizon 7 to Horizon 8, now is the time to move ahead.  

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