Introducing VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Flows

May 31, 2018

Important: This content was published in 2018 but still contains valuable information.

Workspace ONE Mobile Flows are the latest addition to the VMware Workspace ONE platform. Mobile Flows help device users perform tasks across multiple business back-end systems from a single app like VMware Boxer (and with an Enterprise App using Mobile Flows client framework, available very soon!)

This eliminates the need for end users to visit multiple websites or apps while performing business tasks.


In order for Mobile Flows to work, you must meet the following specifications:

  • Workspace ONE UEM Console v9.4 or later
  • VMware Boxer v4.12 or later
  • VMware Identity Manager v3.1 or later
  • Workspace ONE Enterprise bundle or Workspace ONE Mobile Flows add-on
  • Hardware & Network Requirements

After meeting the minimum requirements, you can begin configuration. The following diagram provides a high-level overview of this procedure. For more details, please reference the Mobile Flows Admin Guide.

Mobile Flows Installation Overview

Streamline User Workflows

Mobile Flows surface context-based actions and insights from other backend systems in VMware Boxer. Mobile Flows detect references to tasks or business data within an email and displays them as cards.

Cards allow users to perform essential actions like assigning tickets or creating action item lists without transferring to another app.

Secure Connector Services

Mobile Flows connectors enable secure connections to back-end systems.


  • Request user-specific data from back-end business apps
  • Consolidate app data into the required JSON format
  • Provide data to the Mobile Flows Server

Since each connector applies to a specific business system, only a Salesforce connector can retrieve information from a Salesforce business system.

Fortunately, VMware provides a number of pre-built, open source connectors for common business-critical apps.

Create Customized Connectors

To support specific business requirements, customize pre-built connectors or develop custom connectors

To address specific use cases with minimal development overhead, customize one of VMware’s open source, pre-built connectors. However, if customizing an out-of-the-box connector cannot address your use case, consider building a custom connector.


Meet the following requirements to build a custom connector:

  • Operating System Agnostic
  • Java 8* (Installed by the installer)
  • Vagrant (For non-RPM based OS)
  • For Cent OS, systemd >= 219 i.e. CentOS 7.0+
  • Public URL (DMZ/ Cloud)
  • Hardware Requirements (Same as VMware Tunnel)

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