Introducing New VMware Hands-on Labs for Windows 10 Management

January 11, 2018

Discover a new, more efficient approach to Windows lifecycle management across any use case. During this live VMware Hands-on Lab (HOL), see how VMware AirWatch offers real-time, automated security and compliance for Windows 10 management.

During this HOL, you’ll learn the basics of enrolling and configuring a Windows 10 device using the integrated VMware Workspace ONE platform, powered by AirWatch unified endpoint management technology, for compliance and data loss prevention, including:

  • Configuring Windows 10 device health attestation
  • Enrolling a Windows 10 device using the AirWatch Agent
  • Creating and activating a compliance policy with Workspace ONE
  • Validating compliant and non-compliant states on a Windows 10 device
  • Configuring Windows Information Protection (WIP), app control and per-app VPN with AirWatch
  • Configuring BitLocker settings with AirWatch


Once you enroll in VMware HOLs, you get to to test-drive VMware products, like AirWatch, in minutes without installing any software. Enroll in HOL-1857-02-UEM, to follow along with Lab Module 3, “Real-Time and Automated Security Protection and Compliance,” and to complete Lab Modules 1 and 2, “Deploying Office 365 ProPlus” and “Secure Windows 10 BYOPC for Your Workforce.”

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