Get the Most Out of Your IT Investments with the Workspace ONE Adoption Kit

March 07, 2019

Introducing the Workspace ONE End User Adoption Kit

So, you are considering or have decided to move to a digital workspace using the Workspace ONE platform. Your company execs are on board, your policies are set, you’ve prepared the infrastructure and your support teams are trained and ready to go. But what now? You have to get the employees to use Workspace ONE. 

Anytime you introduce or change technology, there will be hesitation from employees because most people don’t like change. So how do you combat that? You need to create an adoption strategy to engage employees through careful messaging, education and promotion. To help with this, VMware has created a campaign-in-a-box that includes pre-made, customizable templates, best practices, schedules and ideas to launch your own integrated campaign and start driving adoption and engagement with the Workspace ONE platform immediately. Creating a strategy for end-user adoption is important and the Workspace ONE End User Adoption Kit is available for you to use today!

Access the Workspace ONE End User Adoption Kit

Where to Get Started?

To get started, first download and review the Workspace ONE End User Adoption Kit Overview document. This document walks you through a sample 2-month campaign and tells you exactly how to get started, including who to collaborate with internally to ensure a successful roll-out. You will need to work with marketing, HR or change management and find an executive sponsor to help make this campaign a success! 

Next, you need to choose your track. Within the Workspace ONE Adoption Kit, we have materials specific to a few different areas, such as:

  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub: Focuses on the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and deploying to your end users for access to their work apps and resources
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Includes a significant focus on end-user privacy
  • Productivity Apps: Focuses on the benefits of the different Productivity Apps, such as Boxer, Content and Browser
  • Horizon: Includes materials to introduce Horizon to your end users
  • Workspace ONE App: Focuses on the Workspace ONE app and deploying to your end users for access to their work apps and resources

Lastly, choose and download the assets that make sense for your deployment. With assets such as email series, posters, presentations and FAQs, the adoption kit is ready to be used immediately. You can also customize the kit to fit your company branding and wording preferences. Just work with your marketing team and you will be set! Don’t want to bother with updating the branding and wording? No need! The kit can be used as is, with minor updates to the text specific to your deployment. Don’t worry--we have highlighted everything that should be updated to make it as easy as possible.

Workspace ONE User Zone Website

As a part of the kit, we have created an end-user-focused website to help educate your employees. On this website, users will find tips and tricks and videos on each of the productivity apps, as well as a page dedicated to end-user privacy, to help eliminate concerns around using their personal devices for Workspace ONE access. This website is a great place to direct employees to learn more about Workspace ONE and the other productivity apps offered, and to see exactly how the apps can be used, showing the benefits of each app before they even download.  

Check out the Workspace ONE User Zone Website Here

What Next? 

All you need to do now is download the kit and get started! The final step in your Workspace ONE deployment--a critical step--is educating users to drive adoption. Let us help you educate and deliver value to your employees, with the Workspace ONE End User Adoption Kit! You can find the adoption kit under deploy on Tech Zone's Tools page or download it directly below.

Access the Workspace ONE End User Adoption Kit Here

This is a guest post by Kristi Murray, Sr Product Marketing Manager at VMware.

Kristi has a marketing degree from Georgia Southern University and has been at VMware / Airwatch for 6 years. 


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