The first of many guests on The Ascent!

November 20, 2020

I hope you’re enjoying the episodes of The Ascent that have been released on VMware Tech Zone and on the VMware End-User Computing YouTube page. Episode 10 and Episode 11 have been released this week, as we won’t be posting anything next week due to Thanksgiving.

We cover delivering MSI apps using Software Distribution and also introduce the Enterprise App Repository to quickly onboard Windows apps using the preconfigured integrations. And in episode 11, we go through federating Salesforce to Workspace ONE Access, and populating your catalog with SaaS applications.

You would have noticed that Episode 11 has a brand-new face joining Brooks and myself! Shravana Mukherjee is a Solutions Architect in the EUC Field Engineering team, focusing on Identity and Access Management. She’s worked at Okta previously, and Masters degree in Information Systems, focusing on Cybersecurity. She’s also a Zero Trust Security expert and we’re going to have her on in future episodes to go through more Workspace ONE Access functionality.

Shravana is the first of many guest stars that we’re going to have on The Ascent (let’s face it, you probably want to hear from people other than Brooks and myself!). Our vision is to get you the best technical content possible, and we’re going to call on the best VMware Experts to do this.

More episodes to come in the following weeks! Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and stay safe.

Adarsh (@adarshkesari) and Brooks (@brookspeppin)

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