Exploring Workspace ONE Compliance Integrations into Microsoft Office 365 and Azure AD

August 25, 2022

Zero Trust can be a daunting task if you are concerned with enterprise security, especially because everyone describes it as a concept, not a product and a journey you embark on.

Now, we all must start somewhere and as Microsoft did so themselves, we should start with the most commonly used tools, the productivity suite. Particularly, with cloud-based productivity suites like Office 365, we need to secure access to applications and data by incorporating not just user information but also the device compliance state into the authentication process.

This video will give you an overview of the different implementations to secure access using your Workspace ONE managed devices compliance data and one of 3 options; using Workspace ONE Access, Tunnel, or the Partner Compliance API.



We will follow this overview with detailed operational tutorials on the setup of each of the 3 scenarios within Workspace ONE, so stay tuned!

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