Everything You Need to Know About VMware Workspace ONE AirLift

May 21, 2019

Transitioning Windows 10 devices from SCCM to modern management

In today’s world, we work wherever and whenever we choose, using multiple devices with overlapping functionality. We’re no longer tied to a single device inside a cubicle. And likewise, we need software flexible enough to accommodate this work style, yet remain efficient and secure. VMware Workspace ONE AirLift does just that.

Workspace ONE AirLift is a server-side connector for co-managing Windows 10 devices with Microsoft System Center Configuration Management (SCCM, also called ConfigMgr). With AirLift, you can move your existing admin framework for managing Windows 10 devices to the cloud quickly, iteratively, and efficiently.

Learn all about it from the experts:

Workspace One UEM can co-exist with SCCM on a variety of Windows 10 versions, and there’s an AirLift Connector that can integrate with any version of SCCM. Because you can co-manage the same device with both SCCM and Workspace ONE, you can migrate high pain PC lifecycle management (PCLM) workloads to cloud-based management that is both cost-efficient and secure. For a better understanding of how this works, see Introducing VMware Workspace ONE AirLift.

Whether you are looking to deploy a co-management solution like this, or just find it interesting, these videos are a great place to find out more:

Lab Walk-through

Walk through a Hands-On Lab focused on VMware AirLift. Configure AirLift to connect to SCCM and Workspace ONE UEM, and then configure applications in Workspace ONE UEM with AirLift directly from SCCM.


Windows 10 Migration

VMware End User Computing experts discuss how to migrate to Windows 10 Modern Management with VMware AirLift.


Technical Overview

This video provides a technical overview of the key features and capabilities of VMware Workspace ONE AirLift.


VMware Workspace ONE AirLift: What's New

Learn about the Workspace ONE AirLift features that facilitate SCCM co-management, and help ease the transition to modern PC management.


VMware Workspace ONE UEM: SCCM Co-Management Onboarding 

This video highlights how to seamlessly onboard your SCCM-managed devices over to Workspace ONE UEM for use-cases such as domain-join, workgroup devices, using older versions of Windows 10 or SCCM, and more.



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