EUC vExpert Monthly Digest - September 2020

September 14, 2020

Welcome to the EUC vExpert monthly digest! Every month we will be sharing top articles from our community of EUC vExperts. The EUC vExperts are the crème of the crop when it comes to their knowledge of VMware End User Computing products and technologies and enjoy sharing their knowledge with all of you.

This month’s digest includes some interesting content that covers deploying Horizon Cloud on Azure, Workspace ONE features that help remote workers, using the Horizon 8 REST API, and an informative interview with Michael Troelstrup discussing Managing Windows 10 with Workspace ONE.

Check out the content and give them a follow! 

Carl Stalhood Carl Stalhood

VMware Horizon Connection Server 2006

VMware Horizon 2006 Configuration

VMware Horizon 2006: Master Virtual Desktop

VMware Horizon 2006: Virtual Desktop Pools

VMware Horizon 2006: Master RDS Host

VMware Horizon 2006: RDS Farms/Pools

VMware Horizon 2006: Cloud Pod Architecture

Hans Kraaijeveld Hans Kraaijeveld

VMware and EUC Podcasts

Jon Towles Jon Towles

Building VMware Horizon in Microsoft Azure

App Volumes on VMware Horizon Cloud is Just in Time to Save Your App Woes in Azure

Joris Adriaanse Joris Adriaanse

Safe mobile working is much more than just working from home (Dutch)

Michael Troelstrup Michael Troelstrup

Keep your intellectual property safe when employees leave

Workspace ONE Proximity and Workspace ONE Campus enable simplicity and peace of mind when returning to the office

5 Mobility Management Mistakes to Avoid

Expert Talk: Community Series: Managing Windows 10 with Workspace ONE

Takuya Ichijima Takuya Ichijima

Workspace ONE UEM Windows 10 Update Management ~ Apply Profile ~ (Japanese)

Workspace ONE UEM Windows 10 Update Management ~ Check / Approve Updates ~ (Japanese)

Workspace ONE UEM Windows 10 update management ~ Delivery optimization (P2P delivery) operation check ~

Wouter Kursten Wouter Kursten

[HorizonRestAPI] Trying some of those new funky Horizon 8 REST api’s

Using the Horizon 8 swagger page


A huge thank you to all of our vExperts and to you for checking out their hard work. Stay tuned for next month’s EUC vExpert monthly digest!

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