EUC vExpert Monthly Digest - June 2020

June 10, 2020

EUC vExpert Stories

Welcome to our inaugural EUC vExpert monthly digest! Every month, we will be sharing top articles from our community of EUC vExperts. The EUC vExperts are the crème of the crop when it comes to knowledge of VMware End User Computing products and technologies, and how much they enjoy sharing their knowledge with all of you.

This month’s digest includes great content covering everything from Horizon APIs to single sign-on with Workspace ONE, to creating application stacks with App Volumes 4.0 to steps to take with Horizon Cloud on Azure.

Check out the content and give our vExperts a follow! 

Brandon Lee Brandon Lee Twitter Link

Curtis Brown Curtis Brown Twitter Link

Fabian Lenz Fabian Lenz Twitter Link

Hans Kraaijeveld Hans Kraaijeveld Twitter Link

Ivan de Mes Ivan de Mes Twitter Link

Laurens van Duijn Laurens van Duijn Twitter Link

Sidney Laan Sidney Laan Twitter Link

Wouter Kursten Wouter Kursten Twitter Link

A huge thank you to all of our vExperts and to you for checking out their hard work. Stay tuned for next month’s EUC vExpert monthly digest!

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