July 15, 2020

EUC vExpert Monthly Digest - July 2020

Read the July 2020 EUC vExpert monthly digest to learn about Workspace ONE, Horizon, and expert tips & tricks on running VMware End-User Computing technologies.

Welcome to the EUC vExpert monthly digest! Every month we share top articles from our community of EUC vExperts. The EUC vExperts are the crème of the crop when it comes to their knowledge of VMware End User Computing products and technologies and enjoy sharing their knowledge with all of you.

This month’s digest includes great content covering everything from Horizon installation best practices, UAG deployment, and a personal story of using WS1 for a great employee experience. I think you’ll really enjoy these articles.

Check out the content and give them a follow! 

Brandon Lee Twitter Logo

VMware Horizon 7 Load Balancer Installation and Configuration

Assign Multiple Users to Manual Desktop Pool in Horizon 7.12 

VMware Horizon 7.12 Released with New Features 

Unified Access Gateway UAG Certificate Install 

Enable Two-Factor Authentication for VMware Horizon UAG 

VMware Horizon Connection Server 7.11 Installation and Configuration 

VMware Unified Access Gateway UAG 3.8 Installation and Configuration 

Age Roskam Twitter Logo

Using writable volumes across multiple pods

Johan van Amersfoort Twitter Logo

Employee Experience: My Personal Story

Mastering voodoo: Building Linux VDI for Deep Learning workloads, Part 2

Jon Towles Twitter Logo

Kerberos Drives a Seamless Email Experience

Deep Dive into WS1 UEM Components on the UAG

Tony Harmelink Twitter Logo

Updating NVIDIA VIBs on ESXi 6.7

Wouter Kursten Twitter Logo

Handling Instant Clone Administrator Accounts


A huge thank you to all of our vExperts and to you for checking out their hard work. Stay tuned for next month’s EUC vExpert monthly digest!

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